Long Live Oklahoma

bullet imageMy name is Nadjeschda Nordquist, but you can call me Hope. 

Name's Russian, I'm not. I was born in Germany, moved to the U. S. when I was five, and I have lived in Stillwater, Oklahoma, for most of my life. I've been all over the United States--from the beaches of North Carolina to the rocky cliffs of Northern California, from the swamps of Florida to the falls of Niagara. But I keep coming back here. Oklahoma's the perfect mix of diversity and solitude. 

wheat field


It is my belief that no one can enjoy all of life's pleasures without first having healthy mind and body. It makes me sad to think of all the human potential lost due to lack of access to health care.

In pursuit of my passion to bring joy and happiness to everyone I encounter, I have begun the study of osteopathic medicine at Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences.

By 2017, I will be a D. O., a doctor of osteopathic medicine, and my intention is to serve the underserved. I want to practice family medicine in a rural Oklahoma community. I believe that people in rural locations have as many great ideas and important talents as people in more accessible areas, but they face many obstacles simply due to their location. To help rural people compete in an increasingly global playing field, I will make sure they healthy enough to tackle any problem that comes their way.

To learn more about why rural Oklahoma matters.

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I am not as artist. I am a scientist. 

However, art has become my tool to release and be free from my Type-A personality. Painting realistically allows me to play out my high-strung characteristics until they can plague me no more--attention to detail, ambition, curiosity, the need for perfection. 

It's not all a selfish endeavor, though. I've been known to take up artistic projects every once in a while for other people. My favorite service to provide is painted pet portraits. It sounds silly to commission a portrait of an animal. That is, until the beloved friend passes away. Then what was once silly becomes precious. I can capture the spirit and personality of the furry friend just as the owner remembers them.

I have other artistic skills, too. Check out my gallery to see more.



Despite being a key producer of corn, soy, and wheat, Oklahoma has many food deserts. Moreover, more than 16,000 of Oklahoma's farmers are over the age of 65, and the lower the age the fewer the farmers. With so many of our farmers nearing retirement age with very few replacements, one can reasonably predict that the number of farmers in Oklahoma is going to shrink very rapidly in the near future, putting a squeeze on an already dire food situation. 

My Oh-So Slow Sourdough Hobby